Why Help?

Me (left) and my brother, Noah (right)

Hi! My name is Ayla, and I am a student at Warren Middle School. Right now, the world is facing an extremely difficult time, and being isolated is discouraging many people who thought they could they could help out. Although far apart, we can virtually come together to aid those in need.

Here’s how:

These are some 3D printed face shields we’ve made already!

I want to help make products for hospitals that have shortages of them. The dwindling supply of face shields reminded me that there are people: doctors, nurses, and more still working even in these conditions. Their stories inspired me to put in my best effort to help out. I had been previously helping my dad, who has a 3D printer put together face shields (video in the Causes tab), and donate them. I feel that we can help out even more with this. Visit my dad’s website for more information at flowingcolor.com. So how can YOU help? You can donate money that will be used to buy products such as 3D printer filament, clear plastic sheets, and even another 3D printer. These products are all needed to 3D print face shields which will be given to hospitals, senior citizen centers and other locations.

No matter what you do: donate to charity, help raise money for more 3D printer-related products, or just spread the word, remember that YOUR kindness will make an extraordinary impact to the cause and I appreciate it dearly.